British Aerospace, Samlesbury

The British Aerospace Samlesbury site covering 900 acres and over 60 buildings has a multitude of HVAC and utility services control and monitoring. The site is at the forefront of military and commercial flight design and manufacture, as well as the design of the Eurofighter and manufacturing components of Airbus wings the site also partakes in the Tornado and Hawk maintenance for a multitude of global customers.


The Building Management System sits on the clients network structure, strict security and network protection ensures 24 hours a day seamless operation guarantying comfortable and efficient working conditions for design and manufacturing staff.


Due to the high utility service usage the site has invested in the Building Management System monitoring all utility services to predict peak demand and take advantage of cost effective tariffs from third party suppliers.


Close working relationships with British Aerospace and their subcontract maintenance party ensures an open approach to engineering an effective and efficient design and manufacturing site, one such example is the High Technical Tooling Facility ensuring ambient conditions of +/- 1°C and +/- 5%Rh during manufacture of components for export to customers, this strict regime is also repeated in the packaging department to reduce condensation which would erode the components. All air humidity and temperatures are monitored and logged at the multi user’s database and kept for 5 years should a component fail the internal quality assurance the investigation and can cross reference with the ambient conditions to eliminate the ambient conditions from the investigation.


Number of control/monitoring points +5,000

Number of DDC controllers +400

Number of network controllers 15


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