Canary Wharf DS4

The 12-storey office building in the heart of the Canary Wharf development was a design and construction challenge due to the programme of works (less than 1 year for shell and core) the consultants design was generic due to the number of projects previously developed and under construction so close attention from all parties was required to ensure all the unique and ‘one-off’ area’s or issues were incorporated into the specific Building Management System design.


Post 11th September 2001 and subsequent issues all the projects associated with Canary Wharf had the ventilation systems modified to incorporate ventilation shutdown controls should an Anthrax alert be issued, a system that highlights the importance of Building Management Systems not only the comfort conditions of a building occupants but of the life safety of the buildings occupants.


As the 12-storey building is to be used for trading floors as well as every day ‘office’ tasks the comfort controls were extremely close (space conditions +/- 1°C) and the importance of continuous electrical supply due to trading computers ‘down time’ was at the forefront of the Building Management System design.


Number of control/monitoring points +1,100

Number of DDC controllers +150

Number of network controllers 5


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