Manchester Airport Terminal II and Runway II

The cost of flights has reduced in the last fifteen years and efficiency has improved in the number of flights that can land and take off, this is partly due to the cost of the aircraft sitting at the airports gate waiting for cleaning, refuelling and the turn around of passengers. With this in mind flight companies have improved the efficiency of their staff, airports have also improved the efficiency of their staff this includes monitoring the time and utility usage of the aircraft whilst on the ground, at Manchester airport the Building Management System monitors all utilities enabling the airport to efficiently invoice the flight companies the Building Management System also controls the security enabling only high level staff to enter strict secure area’s of the airport. The Building Management System also monitors the travelators, which improve the speed of passengers getting to their respective departing gate. Elements such as lift monitoring, fire tank monitoring, fuel monitoring and heat reclaim control systems are also included in the Building Management System.


Number of control/monitoring points +10,000

Number of DDC controllers +500

Number of network controllers 50 Number of front end supervisors 20


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