Manchester United Football Club

Manchester United Football Club regarded as the worlds most supported football club and known throughout the globe can rest assured that some of the worlds most expensive and high profile players can train and work in a stadium controlled and monitored by technically advanced Building Management System which also controls the under soil heating.


During the 1990’s Manchester United Football Club had the best decade in the clubs history, during the same time the club decided on investing in expanding the stadium to meet the number of fans. During the refurbishment and new construction the stadium’s whole infrastructure underwent intense restructure which included in remotely controlling and monitoring the Carrington training site from the stadium’s work’s department thus reducing maintenance costs and also included the construction of a new “megastore”.


The design included a full site wide network structure, during various site surveys engineers entered rooms that employees did not know existed, when doors were opened the lights were still operating, how long they had been operating no-one knows.


Corporate clients of the club can relax in conditions relished by other clubs, controlled and monitored by the Building Management System.


Number of control/monitoring points +1,000

Number of DDC controllers +100

Number of network controllers 5


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