NAP, Cheltenham

The client was involved with the project team from the initial design through all the design and commissioning stages to ensure all parties had a clear understanding of the client’s requirements and vision.


The ‘doughnut’ that gets most of the attention is flanked by four ancillary buildings, each easily fitting into the major building category in its own right. As well as a visitor centre and logistics, two identical mechanical and electrical support buildings sit either side of the central building.


Due to the nature of the project various plant/equipment has been designed as dual/redundant vital systems to ensure continuous operation should a motor fail or sabotage occur. The project has veered from the conventional contactor and thermal overload control of motors and been replaced by intelligent starters interfaced to the Building Management System enabling the Building Management System to change the duty of a motor should the ‘time to trip’ fall below a pre-determined time thus reducing maintenance repairs and labour costs. The intelligent starters also perform diagnostics associated with the motors again monitored via the Building Management System.


The main office floor controls comprise of in excess of 800 chilled beams and approx 150 fan coil units and networked to the client’s supervisor ensuring close temperature control and exact comfort conditions for all occupants.


Number of control/monitoring points +13,000

Number of DDC controllers +1,500

Number of network controllers 25


Preview of Minimalistic Template