New District General Hospital, Durham

One of the 1st wave PFI hospitals designed and constructed in the public eye. The original hospital was the same age as the NHS itself, the new hospital provides 477 beds, ten operating theatres an accident and emergency department, radiology, digital x-ray, delivery/recovery maternity, ITU, CCU, mortuary, pharmacy, pathology and a comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient and clinical support services to cover the 270,000 members of the public within the catchment area.


As a vital member of the project team the Building Management System was at first hand to suggest cost saving value added engineering options ensuring the ‘end-product’ met the project specification and performance requirements. One such option was to ‘move’ away from conventional large MCP’s (Motor Control Panels) where all the equipment is housed within one enclosure and wired to the field equipment and replace with a innovative distributed local ACC’s (Automated Control Centre’s) thus saving on electrical installation, commissioning time and future maintenance time and costs.


The Building Management System was also able to provide enhancements to the project specification and performance requirements, a comprehensive and sophisticated fire and smoke damper monitoring system was designed to identify the damper and position/location of the damper enabling the maintenance team to investigate or reset the damper without disruption to other critical departments within the hospital, the ducting was routed to inhibit disruption should a fire or incident occur.


Number of control/monitoring points +3,500

Number of DDC controllers +250

Number of network controllers 8


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